The Efforts of a Scientist and Compulsive Crafter

Hi! Welcome to my site!
Everything I post here is potentially a thing I could be commissioned to make a likeness of. Send me an email if you are interested, and I can send you an estimate on price and time! I can be found at: (put tumblr in the message title) or
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It’s tumblr deluge time! This is my work from the past 3 or so months in clay. I’ll split these up by type.

These were clay and acrylic. The first was a piece I made fo my friend Pharlain, in order to inform Land Squids of their lack of invitation in her house. It’s a long standing joke that she hates squids, so we are sure to fill her house with as many squids as possible to scare off real squids.

The earrings are obvious.

This is the last part of my Ilorna outfit for PAX. In the game, you solve puzzles my using blocks which perform different actions. This one turns you upside-down. I call him Teefs. In order to move the blocks, the characters turn them into backpacks and carry them to the new location. Mine is the first three pictures, with the reference as the last one. I took some liberties evidently.

And my wand for the triWizard tournament. I think it’s Aspen? 

On the first night of PAX, we are signed up for the “triWizard Drinking tournament” We are signed up as Slytherin House in Dumbledore’s Army (yes, there are several jokes there. As I’ve been waiting for job responses, I decided to make each of us a crest, with the Slyt)herin symbol, and each of our own emblems. In the background of the pictures from my Ilorna dress are the ties which accompany these. 

The first part of my “costume” for PAX. This is an all patch-work dress based on the character Ilorna from Ilomilo, my favorite video game google Ilo if you are curious, I am quite pleased.

I consider I would be a good Doctor Who, I think. Better than I would be a companion. This would be my Screwdriver. It is powered by bees.

Inspired by the hip pack worn by Fiona in Burn Notice… And the fact that girl outfits tend to neglect pockets.

Inspired by supplies rather than necessity.

One of my first Summer pieces. I call this my frustration dress, as I made it in response to several rejection notices from job applications. They were all very polite, but it’s always a little bit of a kick in the teeth when you hear: if only you’d sent in your application yesterday, etc… Either way, I think a pretty nice dress came out of it.

It’s everyones favorite plasmid! PGlo plasmid! This is one of our favorite places to stash GFP for insertion into bacterial DNA. Represented here, we have Ara C which is necessary to make sure the plasmid inserted correctly by utilizing Arabinose in the plating to form a complex, promoting the expression of the GFP. Beta Lactamase is a resistance gene, necessary for countering the antibiotic on the plate medium. The bacteria will be unable to grow on antibiotic medium without this gene, so it is necessary to ensure that the plasmid was inserted and properly coded into the genome. The Ori site, is the origin of replication site necessary in *most* plasmids for replication of the DNA to occur. I say most, because biology is amazing, and some entities like viruses have their own method of replication.

The GFP is detachable, and I will likely add its restriction enzymes there, showing that if you want to isolate just the GFP and you have your own method for ensuring its addition to a DNA sequence, you can use restriction enzymes which cut at specific points in the plasmid to release certain genes. pGlo is designed particularly with this in mind, so GFP is easily removable without disrupting the rest of the plasmid. 

In short: my jewelry might accidentally teach you something.