The Efforts of a Scientist and Compulsive Crafter

Hi! Welcome to my site!
Everything I post here is potentially a thing I could be commissioned to make a likeness of. Send me an email if you are interested, and I can send you an estimate on price and time! I can be found at: (put tumblr in the message title) or
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Today was the Westword Music Festival, in which my friend Cameron’s band Choke The Word played. So I decided to make bling for us. The seed chokers were mine and the lovely Pharlain Ross’ . The ear bar went to a very patient and also lovely Joe Sheckles, who was far too kind to let me attempt male jewelry. He pulled it off perfectly, I thought. The birds are from the band’s shirt design, made of Sculpey and painted. 

I have not actually been idle this Summer, I realized I have very few matching earring sets, so I made these for interviews. It’s like secret mitosis.

I made this set a long time ago, but thought I should finally get around to posting it. 

So with two weeks to go, I am finishing my graduation projects. These are my gifts for the 4 most inspirational women I have ever met. These are their names in amino acids. Dr. Jennifer (Martin), was one of my first MCDB professors, and my P.I. (lab boss) for the past 2 1/2 years. Dr. (Nancy) Guild co-taught that first class, and hired me on as lab teacher last year, helping me to realize my adoration for teaching. (Megan) Greening was the lab coordinator for the class I taught, but she was around throughout all 4 years as a reminder that I was in the right place. (Joy) Power was the lab coordinator for my advanced classes, and has helped me immensely in staying with it. I know for a fact I could not have gotten through the last 4 years without their help and encouragement. I hope they like these!

Oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies inspired by Wil Wheaton, and my cookie-loving husband. I am taking these to our semi-monthly epic board game day. Today, we are playing Twilight Imperium which is not a game to attend without cookies, beer and a substantial sense of humor.

This was my contribution to a “moustache party”, for my friend Cameron’s little brother, who I knew in high school… but anyway, we live in a small big town. The other models here are the lovely and brilliant Pharlain Ross, and the ponderous and talented Cameron Hays. My husband also had one, but managed to remove it before every picture. I put a length of wire behind each in order to make them twirlable. A fun time was had by all. Photo credit to Dennis McGilvary (Cameron’s dad). 

Far from being idle the past month, I just can’t post of the projects I have done until they have been given to their intended owners. This was one of my favorite projects, a quick homage to my favorite game Ilomilo which is both brilliant, challenging, and flipping adorable. One pair was for me, and the other for my friend Pharalin Ross, who has been a brilliant inspiration and sanity maintainer during these last months before I have to enter the real world. In the next photo set, we are both wearing these, but I didn’t have a chance to focus on them. 

This is one of the sillier designs I have done, but it was fun. These are the logo for my husband’s company Survey Gizmo and today is their 5th year anniversary party. I like to look festive, no matter what the event. Also, I love my husband, his company and his coworkers. It is pretty much the best company.

I’m going to have two posts today, but I have been too eager to post this progress not to get this up. (For the before pictures of these, I think it’s post 2 or 3?)

Last night I finished the black wrapping, but I still need to finish the piping, and figure out what to do for a clasp. So they’re not done, but I like their direction. 

I know I said these were going to be pink, but my husband very graciously reminded me that I actually look horrible in pink, so I got a new dress in the same size for 14 dollars that needs some repairs, but is black with red highlights. I’ll post that one as progress starts with that. The next post will happen tonight, when I don’t look like a stressed-out MCDB student.

Also, I did change the name of this blog. I realized that not only do I have to make things, I HAVE to make things. If I don’t create something on a regular basis, I think I’ll go crazy. When my lab work is progressing, I need to make jewelry less, but right now is the waiting part of the cycle. I’m not posting half of what I have made in the last week. 

I am much less a celebrant of Valentine’s Day, vastly preferring Darwin’s day two days earlier, which seems to me more like a celebration of the pure amazing unlikelihood that we were born as us, let alone capable of speaking, understanding, or even communicating with other people. If you are able to find someone compatible enough to even elicit the emotions necessary to spend time with you, not to mention the amazing happening of emotions themselves… Okay, I ramble. This, though, is why I am an atheist, making clear this statement is about me only with no judgement of anyone else in the world, evolution and the amazing development of our species and all other species without any guiding hand save chance and animal nature, makes me tingly. 

Anyway, celebrate that you are alive and unlikely but real, and that you share this planet with billions of amazing and unbelievable creatures

Either way. Here is a head bandana and heart necklace I made, I am a romantic, just a realistic romantic.