The Efforts of a Scientist and Compulsive Crafter

Hi! Welcome to my site!
Everything I post here is potentially a thing I could be commissioned to make a likeness of. Send me an email if you are interested, and I can send you an estimate on price and time! I can be found at: (put tumblr in the message title) or
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I traded in my old iPod Nano for a new one since my old one was holding its battery for about half an hour at a time. The new one is adorable, and got me instantly concerned I would lose it. I also have a Square Reader for taking credit cards on my phone, so naturally like a normal person, I went to Amazon… no. No I made a phone case for all my needs out of canvas. 

Oh wait. Then I had to paint it.

I am actually unbelievably happy with this piece. I haven’t done any real painting since a year ago when I made the Slytherin badges for my friends. It has everything. Bees, owls, more bees, and everything fits! 

I need to paint more.