The Efforts of a Scientist and Compulsive Crafter

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Okay, catching up on some work I’ve done since I was hospitalized. 

This is a hip purse I made out of canvas, and since I was hospitalized for bronchitis turning into pneumonia turning into and allergy/asthma aggravated crazy time.

The over-flap is a heme. This is one of my favorite molecules. I literally got giddy when we learned about this in biochemistry. The binding of Oxygen to a heme in your blood is what keeps you alive by providing O2 to the Krebs cycle which breaks down sugars and produces ATP. Seriously. Coolest thing. And that Fe2 is what turns your blood red when it is bound to Oxygen.

Also: One of the tests I went through to check my Oxygen absorption involved having me breathe a little Carbon Monoxide, because CO binds better to the heme than O2, so they tested to see if my blood was taking up Oxygen by having me inhale the CO then see how much came back out. If the same amount that went in came back out, then they could see I was not taking up enough Oxygen. Soooooo cool. 

Also, the pouch is lungs. The little specs at the end of the branches represent alveoli which are the tiny bags which actually take up the Oxygen you breathe. That’s all I really have on lungs. Once you get bigger than molecules, I get a little confused and vague. But oh man, hemes.

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